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Does your smile reveal more gum than teeth? Your unattractive smile is called a gummy smile and is a treatable thing. This excessive gingival showing typically is more than 4mm of gum above the teeth. The good news is that there is a treatment called crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is very often a quick and easy procedure that can transform your smile withing one visit.

Crown Lengthening in Elyria & Westlake, OH

Periodontal plastic surgery refers to cosmetic procedures performed on the gums to enhance your smile’s appearance and overall health. It is also known as gum reduction surgery and may be necessary when excessive gum tissue surrounds the teeth. This esthetic crown lengthening procedure satisfies both the esthetics and functional requirements.

Determining What Type of Crown Lengthening you Need

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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This straightforward procedure takes a mere hour to transform your smile. During the process, the Periodontist removes the excess gum and bone tissue. The Periodontist reshapes the smile to expose more of the natural tooth. The patient has the option of one crown lengthening, but the procedure for an entire smile is the most popular. The results of dental crown lengthening are a transformed smile with more natural teeth exposed, creating a beautiful open smile. A gummy smile can cause feelings of insecurity when smiling. If your gummy smile causes you to feel self-conscious, you may be a candidate for an esthetic crown lengthening procedure. This hour-long procedure is also called a gum lift. Periodontist Dr. Guirguis and his team of specialists will remove excess bone and gum tissue to reshape your smile. This process exposes more of your natural tooth, resulting in a broader, more attractive smile. Once this procedure is complete, your newly contoured gums will reattach to each other to form a new gum line.
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Functional Crown Lengthening

A tooth that has progressed too far into decay and broken below the gum line requires a functional crown lengthening procedure. There is insufficient tooth structure remaining for restoration. The Periodontist reshapes the gum and supporting bone, allowing space to position a high-quality repair. If you have a crown broken tooth below the gum line, or there is not enough tooth structure available to accommodate a restoration, such as a crown or bridge. You may be a candidate for a functional crown lengthening or crown extension procedure. This procedure involves modifying the gums and supporting bone to expose more of the tooth structure for practical purposes.

The Cost of Crown Lengthening

If your gummy smile requires crown lengthening to enable the replacement of restoration, our team can help. The cost of crown lengthening is an investment that will last a lifetime. We understand that dental procedures can be quite costly and often cause patients to delay trips to the dentist. We work to make the dental care we offer as affordable as possible and offer various insurance and financing options that we can tailor to you to make the smile of your dreams become the smile of your reality.

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